8/4/17 bee’s

Bee’s..massively important to our planet yet they are dying out at an alarming rate, morgan freeman knows the score just google it. Do you think bee’s know how important they are? Why the fuck are the governments killing them off?to help bring in the NWO? Maybe.

Had an email off some hackers trying to get into my paypal via this old chestnut

If they can get that much out of my account they can keep it.

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7/4/17- noise noise noise

I woke up this morning and finally clicked on why people falling asleep on the settee watching tv is so popular. I did this last night watching “The bedroom window” with steve guttenberg(?) in, it wasn’t that the movie was boring or anything I was just shattered. But you wake up an hour or two later and make your way to bed and it’s all good. I admit I have done this a lot drunk before but never “adult style”. 

There is STILL building work going on in our complex and has been for two weeks, it’s impossible to sit out and relax in the Spanish sun when there is so much fucking noise. It starts early doors aswell 8am and my alarm being set for 9.10 means I spend over an hour with a tshirt or pillow over my head trying to block the noise out.

Up I get and Gertie the cat is meowing like a foghorn for her breakfast, fair play Gertie I 100% get you on this one. She has a new favourite food which is basically a cat chicken dinner in a tin, she loves the gravy,chicken,peas and carrots which doesn’t suprise me as I’m always giving her bits of my food (she even likes prawns I found out the other day). So she’s fed and then despite her being able to get out of the back door she INSISTS in her cute high pitched foghorn meow that I walk her downstairs and open the front door. I do as I’m told knowing she will be back via the back door in a couple of hours for dinner and a catnap.

Todays “Flashback Friday” is the following photo..

That’s me in the Teal Arms beer garden 2016 sometime rocking the stones tshirt and doing a Frank Gallagher double ✌ charming eh?

Breaking news that America has just fired 50 missiles at the Syrian government pissing off Russia, something fishy about the “chemical attack” to warrant this.

I have been listening to a lot of 60’s music lately after losing faith with modern music, beiber had loads of songs in the charts at once and so did Ed Sheeran..This makes a mockery of the music scene and it is awful to see where music is at after all the hard work of the 50’s onward.

I have just been thinking about when we first moved over here and found a pizza restaurant in Estepona, spotted a pizza with garlic on it so I imagined it to be like a pizza back in Middlesbrough with garlic sauce all over and I couldn’t wait. When it came it was pizza with RAW bits of garlic as topping, not what I was expecting at all but it is one of many things I have learnt over here.

Another flashback today comes in the form of youtube video, the video of my mate Benji singing on karaoke. I miss those days of just going out partying with my mates.

Ah well.



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2017 you better be a good one

2016 was overall a good year for me..moving to Spain..finding out who deserves to be in my life and who doesn’t. 

No new year resolutions..just a determination to better myself and not let anyone bring me down.

Im always going to have bad days but its January 1st..and I have this view when out walking ​

So I cant really stay down too long can i.


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Mackey in Marbella

It has been a crazy few weeks even by my standards. I have gone from the brink of being laid off from a job i really like and having the ballache of finding another job, to moving my life 100% to Spain.

It all came about with a joke and a load of fuckin luck. My boss had decided to move him and his family back out to Spain, running the company from over there which would have ultimately left me without a job. My fiancé had said to me to ask about any jobs going over there so i mentioned it to him with a daft laugh after i said it thinking “not chance” 

After making sure we were serious,loads of work has gone on behind the scenes but ultimately me and the mrs have a 3bed place and jobs over in estepona marbella. 14th July 2016..the date the universe equalled out all the shit we have put up with. I look forward to a new start and a new life, i owe thanks to the people who have made my life unbearable as much as the people who have made it pleasant to get me here.

I am fully focused and confident on making it work in spain, and i will provide insights into a fat unsuccessful common Middlesbrough lads life in Spain.



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Weird start to the day

I was having a crazy dream this morning that i was being shot at with a gun..dodging and weaving bullets when i just felt a massive thud in the side of my neck, i immediately woke up to the sounds of birds outside but they weren’t singing they appeared to be screaming.

Screaming birds can never be a good start to a day.

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Goodbye my friend R.I.P

Today i had to say goodbye to one of my favourite people on the planet, one of the 10% i actually really really care for and would do anything for. “For fuck sake why is he referring to his cat as a person the weirdo” you may ask..and if you are then you

1) Are one of the 90% i would happily put in his place given the chance.
2) Have never properly had a pet and cared about it like you’re meant to.
3) Are a heartless clueless dreg of a human.

This friend had been in my life for over 7years..rain or shine..if i was being a dickhead or not he was there..he was my boy..my bud..my mate..not just a cat. We had our routine together –

I’d wake up to be welcomed by bailey meowing as to say “hurry up man I’m hungryyyy” so I’d sort him some food out which he would eat so fast that by the time I’d made my cereal it was gone. He would then follow me wherever i went with my cereal and guard me to make sure if anything was left he would get it, i always said “no bailey this is mine” but always saved him the last bit of milk..sometimes he would pull the bowl down with his paw just to make sure i hadn’t finished it. Once i put the bowl on the floor he would purr..I’m gonna fuckin miss that purr..and once he finished i would let him out to go to the toilet. Once I was showered and ready for work id give him a shout and he would come running out of the bush he always laid in meowing once again at me, this time i imagined him saying “jeeeesus take your time why don’t you its freezing out here” and I’d apologise “i know i know sorry bail” quick kiss and stroke and off i go.

When arriving back from work walking into our close I’d make a little tutting/kissing noise which bailey somehow knew was a safe signal it was me, out of the bush he would come and run towards me again meowing although this time it was a “yessss your home, i missed you, how are you, give me food now” so I’d do my usual “hello bails,how are you?yesss you’re hungry i know come on then”. When in the house I’d take my coat off in the downstairs toilet and hang it up..turn around and he is on the toilet seat meowing again “cuddles..cuddles..CUDDLES” so I’d pat my stomach and say “come on then” and he would stand up on his back legs and stretch his front legs out up to my hands and i’d pick him up, he would wrap his front legs round my neck as though he had studied how humans hug..I’d walk to the front room and put him on the settee and off he would go.

By the time i was showered and fed and thinking about unwinding in front of tv on my bed I’d walk in and there was this cat somehow taking up half the bed. Rather than pick up his royal catness I’d end up laying diagonal on the bed until bailey decided that despite him snoozing he didn’t like me being on my phone so he would lay on my chest and nudge my phone out of the way so i could pay him attention (annoying at the time but I’d kill for it now). Then bailey would decide to lay around my head until it was bed time and we would take him downstairs and put him to bed ready to start the routine all over again.

That was OUR thing..and it will never happen again much to my devastation..because out of nowhere this morning a quiet thud was heard and a meowing of “HELP PLEASE HELP DAAAD..MAMMM HELP” rushing in he was already going..seeing his body all floppy and tongue sticking out i knew it was bad..shouting his name to let him know that i was there was all i could do..his eyes just weren’t there anymore..he had checked out..desperate i started panicking “BAILEY COME ON” he wasn’t breathing..desperate as fuck to keep my best friend here i start giving him mouth to mouth not knowing if that even applies to cats..after doing that for a bit that was it he was gone..i was lost..i expected him to snap out of it so i could tell him off for scaring me like that..but he never did..

I cried real pain tears for the first time today..not physical pain but emotional pain..the worst pain..those tears are still going now everytime i think of my little bailey and what must have gone through his mind in his last few seconds. Thank you for the 7years of pure real love bailey, i have missed you every second since you left me. You are my boy and always will be.

Rest in peace my little rockstar
Your dad/mate/servant
Love you

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Two day sesh (song)

Come and meet me mate for one cheeky stella,
the jukebox is on and its playing paul weller,
come on il sort you out til payday,
theres a JD waiting so come and play.

I told our lass it would just be one,
if i let her down then she’ll be gone,
when i say one..i mean one round each,
this pint now and a sex on the beach.

Now your here we’re out allnight,
drunken talk about the same old shite,
it all kicks off and we’re shot out the pub,
so we jump into a taxi and then into a club.

them coppers over there..they want us in a cell,
iv gotta feeling mate that this wont end well.

Inside the club and straight to the bar,
I dont think this twenty is gonna go far,
over to the fruity and hit the jackpot,
im getting us sambuca if u like it or not.

done with the shots  and we’re on the champagne,
one second sober..then it hits ya like a train,
you struggle to stand up you’re spilling ya drink,
no toilets are free so you piss in the sink.

Now we’re here..weve been out allnight,
drunken talk about the same old shite,
it all kicked off..we got shot out the pub,
we jumped in that taxi and came to this club

them coppers over there they want us in a cell,
iv gotta feeling mate that this wont end well.

Wake up in morning with a banging head,
fully clothed..puke all over the bed,
leave the house after getting a shower,
the match kicks off in under an hour.

flashbacks galore..dont remember a thing,
so i get out my phone and i give you a ring,
come and meet me mate for one cheeky stella,
the jukebox is on and its playing paul weller.

this wont end well

no it wont end well

this wont end well

no it wont end well

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