7/4/17- noise noise noise

I woke up this morning and finally clicked on why people falling asleep on the settee watching tv is so popular. I did this last night watching “The bedroom window” with steve guttenberg(?) in, it wasn’t that the movie was boring or anything I was just shattered. But you wake up an hour or two later and make your way to bed and it’s all good. I admit I have done this a lot drunk before but never “adult style”. 

There is STILL building work going on in our complex and has been for two weeks, it’s impossible to sit out and relax in the Spanish sun when there is so much fucking noise. It starts early doors aswell 8am and my alarm being set for 9.10 means I spend over an hour with a tshirt or pillow over my head trying to block the noise out.

Up I get and Gertie the cat is meowing like a foghorn for her breakfast, fair play Gertie I 100% get you on this one. She has a new favourite food which is basically a cat chicken dinner in a tin, she loves the gravy,chicken,peas and carrots which doesn’t suprise me as I’m always giving her bits of my food (she even likes prawns I found out the other day). So she’s fed and then despite her being able to get out of the back door she INSISTS in her cute high pitched foghorn meow that I walk her downstairs and open the front door. I do as I’m told knowing she will be back via the back door in a couple of hours for dinner and a catnap.

Todays “Flashback Friday” is the following photo..

That’s me in the Teal Arms beer garden 2016 sometime rocking the stones tshirt and doing a Frank Gallagher double ✌ charming eh?

Breaking news that America has just fired 50 missiles at the Syrian government pissing off Russia, something fishy about the “chemical attack” to warrant this.

I have been listening to a lot of 60’s music lately after losing faith with modern music, beiber had loads of songs in the charts at once and so did Ed Sheeran..This makes a mockery of the music scene and it is awful to see where music is at after all the hard work of the 50’s onward.

I have just been thinking about when we first moved over here and found a pizza restaurant in Estepona, spotted a pizza with garlic on it so I imagined it to be like a pizza back in Middlesbrough with garlic sauce all over and I couldn’t wait. When it came it was pizza with RAW bits of garlic as topping, not what I was expecting at all but it is one of many things I have learnt over here.

Another flashback today comes in the form of youtube video, the video of my mate Benji singing on karaoke. I miss those days of just going out partying with my mates.

Ah well.




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I know I am not crazy..I think I am not mad..I won't find out until it's too late
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