Mackey in Marbella

It has been a crazy few weeks even by my standards. I have gone from the brink of being laid off from a job i really like and having the ballache of finding another job, to moving my life 100% to Spain.

It all came about with a joke and a load of fuckin luck. My boss had decided to move him and his family back out to Spain, running the company from over there which would have ultimately left me without a job. My fiancé had said to me to ask about any jobs going over there so i mentioned it to him with a daft laugh after i said it thinking “not chance” 

After making sure we were serious,loads of work has gone on behind the scenes but ultimately me and the mrs have a 3bed place and jobs over in estepona marbella. 14th July 2016..the date the universe equalled out all the shit we have put up with. I look forward to a new start and a new life, i owe thanks to the people who have made my life unbearable as much as the people who have made it pleasant to get me here.

I am fully focused and confident on making it work in spain, and i will provide insights into a fat unsuccessful common Middlesbrough lads life in Spain.




About mackey69er

I know I am not crazy..I think I am not mad..I won't find out until it's too late
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