A brief encounter of my ADHD

Sat in a classroom with all intentions of learning, 20mins in and after just watching and listening my minds had enough. I’m gazing out of the window remembering past exploits or fantasizing about the future, suddenly I snap back into the room and notice another 20mins have gone by.

I try my hardest to refocus and for 3mins im in the zone, then the speaker says a word or sentence that sets my mind off. In this case the talk was about chemical explosions and the heat they give off.. “this area its 6.2gigawatts” my mind screams “gigawatts?? Like on back to the future?? GREAT SCOTTS..how many gigawatts did they need to go back? I wonder if they drove into an explosion if that would work if timed perfectly”

I then went on to relive how good the 3films were and how much I wish they’d do a new film..SNAP back in the room 25mins have gone by.

This is the kinda thing I go through several times a day..god knows what i look like just sat there smiling at myself and eyes all over imagining things..and don’t even get me started on my hyperactivity. Il save that for another time.



About mackey69er

I know I am not crazy..I think I am not mad..I won't find out until it's too late
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