Cowardly fighting

Barring carrying or using any kind of there anything more cowardly during a fight than kicking someone’s head when they are on the floor?The only thing worse in my books is when multiple people (usually males) pin a person down and start kicking lumps out of the victim.

Having seen this recently it made me question when fighting became a scumbag game rather than the old “sort it with a fight and move on” attitude. If the people who indulge in these cowardly acts are as “hard” as they think they are then they should either A) settle it fists only and leave it there or B) Get themselves to a war zone and let them see how they fare in something on their level.

Its usually the real scumbags who commit these cowardly acts, usually known as “chavvy” who have a cocktail of drugs (usually steroids, cocaine, weed) in them before going on a night out looking for a fight. It’s the same kind of people who beat their girlfriends and trap them in relationships of fear. Given the chance I would exterminate this kind of folk and honestly believe the human race would be better off.

Just a thought


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I know I am not crazy..I think I am not mad..I won't find out until it's too late
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