The curse of chucky

Finally chucky the most famous ginger doll makes his return to the movies. Finally they ditched the attempted comedy role he had adopted. Finally he is back to his swearing “scary” killer self. 

Im a big fan of the whole chucky doll idea, however this is another let down. They could have made this film to scare a new generation, I cant see many people older than 5yr batting an eyelid at this film.

The best bit for me is where the priest is trapped in a car that is crushed, when its removed he dramatically bleeds from the throat before his head falls into the back seat. This for me is what chucky films were and should be about.

It doesn’t take much to follow the story and is worth a watch at home on a Wednesday night.

I can see them resurrecting the jaws franchise in a similar way they have chucky..poorly.

Overall 4.5/10






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