Drinking anxiety

I barely slept last night due to my back being badly sunburnt, my own fault really I will walk around in the 28°C Spanish sun without a top on. Although it was a good 10k walk especially after overdoing it on booze the past week or so. I never know why I drink so much as it brings on major anxiety and depression for me, maybe its because I can forget for a few hours..although that often brings more things for the anxiety to prey on.

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A tribute to Manchester

A coward and a bomb tore families apart,

Although not affected it’s broken my heart, 

From cheering their idol to running in fear,

Just the thought of it makes you shed a tear,

Innocent children killed with such hate,

Meeting St Peter at heavens gate,

You call it terror but I call it sick,

How does a madman’s craziness tick,

How can a family get over this loss,

I feel like the country is up on a cross,

To all of the victims and families too,

Rest in peace angels we will pray for you.

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Veggie breakfast 😍

Another midweek day off work and another stroll in the sun. We got the bus down to Benavista (€1.40 on the bus is a steal) and went to “Fresh & Friends” for  breakfast ⬇

We went for the veggie breakfast as I will always eat a veggie option if there is one. It was strange having spinach and corgette on it but it was really nice. Best veggie brekkie I have had.

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Silence of the birds

Fuck me..I have said it before and I will say it again birds do not cheep or tweet (not on twitter) they SCREAM. The little bastards woke me up about 7am, never mind silence of the lambs it should be silence of the birds!

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10/4/17 sleeeeeep

I slept for around 10 hours last night and could do with 10 more hours. The building work is still going on so no relaxing after work today..beautiful.

Finished work and the mrs was shocked to find out that I have never seen “three kings” so that’s what we are watching now. It was a decent film, probably not one I would watch again. “Before and After” with Liam Neeson & Meryl Streep was a good watch and something I would watch again.

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Damn..I am waking with a fucking brutal hangover. Luckily sober me left a can on my side table so this is the current situation

A couple at Rita’s bar always ends up like this 😂

Just got wondering there why snot and bogeys are sticky? I know we are 70% water but I dont understand why snot is sticky 😂 random eh

6pm..I woke up at 11am and I am still in bed only moving for a can of lager to “sort me out” 

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8/4/17 bee’s

Bee’s..massively important to our planet yet they are dying out at an alarming rate, morgan freeman knows the score just google it. Do you think bee’s know how important they are? Why the fuck are the governments killing them off?to help bring in the NWO? Maybe.

Had an email off some hackers trying to get into my paypal via this old chestnut

If they can get that much out of my account they can keep it.

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