Confused (poem)

Devils aren’t always evil,

Angels aren’t always kind,

Heaven is being alive,

you carry hell in your mind,

A fake smile here and a backstab there,

Ya don’t know if they hate you or they really do care.



Monday..usually THE worst day of the week, not today though..not today. The sun is shining and it’s suprisingly warm outside (not spanish warm like I’m used too but still warm) so I am off to Saltburn with the missus,nephew,sister-in-law and mother-in-law!

BOOM..and just like that, dark clouds are overhead threatening to piss down the cold April rain. Fuck it we are going to Saltburn still.

We arrived in Saltburn with a few grey clouds but we wouldn’t let that stop us.

The famous Saltburn cliffs. I have never really took much notice of the simple yet complicated beauty of the cliffs but wow. The beauty is maybe overshadowed by the fact it is a suicide spot which is very tragic but a beautiful place to die.

During a piss pit stop I saw this old school graffiti and had to take a picture. I wonder if people actually meet this way 😂.

The famous Saltburn pier with a couple of dogs playing on the beach. It’s a shame piers are so rare as I always hold fond memories of the pier in great yarmouth and my brother being scared to walk on it.

The sister-in-law recommended this place for fish n chips which seen as it wins awards was a good shout. Got myself a chip buttie with mushy peas and it was top notch, we sat in a little seating area further along and had our food.

Here’s the sister-in-law and the nephew tucking in.

Had to have a go in the arcades whilst we were there to win tickets for the nephew to get a prize.

The missus won £70 from £1 on the fruit machine. So it was a great day despite the clouds on the morning.

Drinking anxiety

I barely slept last night due to my back being badly sunburnt, my own fault really I will walk around in the 28°C Spanish sun without a top on. Although it was a good 10k walk especially after overdoing it on booze the past week or so. I never know why I drink so much as it brings on major anxiety and depression for me, maybe its because I can forget for a few hours..although that often brings more things for the anxiety to prey on.

Veggie breakfast 😍

Another midweek day off work and another stroll in the sun. We got the bus down to Benavista (€1.40 on the bus is a steal) and went to “Fresh & Friends” for  breakfast ⬇

We went for the veggie breakfast as I will always eat a veggie option if there is one. It was strange having spinach and corgette on it but it was really nice. Best veggie brekkie I have had.

10/4/17 sleeeeeep

I slept for around 10 hours last night and could do with 10 more hours. The building work is still going on so no relaxing after work today..beautiful.

Finished work and the mrs was shocked to find out that I have never seen “three kings” so that’s what we are watching now. It was a decent film, probably not one I would watch again. “Before and After” with Liam Neeson & Meryl Streep was a good watch and something I would watch again.